Choosing The Right Industrial Construction Methods
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Choosing The Right Industrial Construction Methods

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Choosing The Right Industrial Construction Methods

Safety Tips to Keep in Mind When Working With an Overhead Crane

Katie Rogers

An overhead crane can help you work with much greater efficiency within your warehouse or construction site. But if you want to keep your workplace safe, you'll need to keep a close eye on these cranes before, during, and after operation. Here are some safety tips to keep in mind for your company's overhead cranes.

Make Sure Whatever the Crane Is Picking Up Is Ready to Go

An overhead crane is capable of picking up quite heavy materials and moving them great distances. In order to avoid damaging the crane or creating a safety issue, however, you should always inspect the load of materials that will be picked up before the crane begins its work. 

For example, perhaps you have a safety restraint or cable that is holding some of the materials together while they sit in their storage location. If an overhead crane goes to pick up something heavy but the load is restrained by a cable, you risk snapping the restraint and either damaging the crane or sending the materials flying.

Keep the Operation Area Clear

This is common sense hopefully, but it's something you should really drive home to your employees, especially if they are new to the job. When you are picking something up with an overhead crane, the path from the starting point to the ending point should be completely clear. There should be no employees standing underneath the crane as it is moving a load from one location to the next. Overhead cranes are designed with safety in mind, but one bad mistake by the operator could send a load crashing to the ground. You don't want an employee or another piece of equipment to be underneath it when things start falling from the sky.

Regular Maintenance is Key

For best results, your employees should follow a safety checklist and inspect each critical part of the crane before and after each operation. You should also be getting your cranes professionally serviced on a regular basis. A regular maintenance plan can prevent accidents from happening and will also show that you were not negligent and did your best to maintain a safe work environment in the event that something does go wrong.

If you discover that your overhead cranes need replacing after the latest inspection, reach out to a local overhead cranes expert or vendor today for more information. In the meantime, make sure each employee treats these cranes and the loads they are carrying with caution and respect. For more information, visit websites like