Choosing The Right Industrial Construction Methods
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Choosing The Right Industrial Construction Methods

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Choosing The Right Industrial Construction Methods

Starting To Sell Lots Of Fabric? Use Paper Cores And Shipping Tubes When Sending Products To Customers

Katie Rogers

Are you designing your fabric and selling it to consumers? People may purchase your fabric for various reasons. They might want to make blankets, sweaters, t-shirts, and skirts with the fabric designs that you have created. If the business is taking off and you are starting to have more success than you could have imagined, you need to get serious about the presentation of the fabric products you are selling. Consumers will take you more seriously and appreciate the way that they receive the products you are selling when you take the time to have them packaged correctly.

Start Using Paper Cores

If you contact paper core manufacturers, you can get an idea of all the different types of paper cores they currently produce. These cores are commonly used as storage for all types of materials, including the assorted fabrics that you are creating. Instead of placing the fabric pieces in boxes where they can quickly become wrinkled and damaged, you can wrap the fabric pieces around the paper cores and have them delivered professionally to your customers. The customers can cut off what they need from the paper core and then store the rest of the fabric away until they are ready to use it again.

Select Proper Shipping Tubes

When you start putting the fabric on the paper cores before shipping them out, you may notice that the shape of the item is now a bit awkward. It is hard to fit fabric on a paper core inside of a box unless it is one of the smaller cores for a small amount of fabric that a customer has purchased. If you are using larger paper cores to create fabric rolls that look like what a poster looks like when it is wrapped up, you should start using shipping tubes when sending your fabric out to your customers. The shipping tubes are corrugated boxes that have just enough space for awkwardly shaped items like fabric rolls and posters. Using these tubes is a great way to cut down on shipping expenses while reducing waste.

If you design different types of fabric and many people are purchasing these fabric pieces from you, it is the right time to take the presentation of your products a bit more serious. You should place the fabric on paper cores to keep it from becoming a wrinkled, damaged mess. When shipping the rolls of fabric out to customers who purchase online, you can place them inside of convenient shipping tubes.