Choosing The Right Industrial Construction Methods
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Choosing The Right Industrial Construction Methods

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Choosing The Right Industrial Construction Methods

A Look At The Advantages Of Overhead Air Filtration Systems In Industrial Operations

Katie Rogers

When it comes to creating a safe workplace for your employees, air filtration is often a necessity in industrial operations. From steam and chemicals to gases and smoke, a lot of contaminants can be within the building that pose a safety hazard for everyone breathing inside. Air filtration systems help improve air quality, and you pretty much have two types to pick from: either overhead units on the ceiling or ground-situated units. Here is a look at some of the advantages of overhead units.

Overhead air filtration systems can be paired with ambient systems

One of the greatest things about overhead systems is they can be easily paired with other air filtration systems to create a comprehensive facility filtration effort. For example, if you have overhead units in place in one part of the building, you can easily mount ambient systems on the ground to get both overhead and ground-level filtration without either system affecting the other.

Overhead air filtration systems are more effective for smoke and fume filtration

Smoke and gaseous fumes naturally rise upward when they are formed or dispersed. Therefore, having systems mounted on the ground can mean you do not get as much air filtration action as you actually need. If your industrial operation relies on equipment that releases either gas or smoke, an overhead filtration system is going to be a much more logical solution due to this fact.

Overhead air filtration systems do not take up valuable floor space

If you are working with a relatively small amount of floor space in your industrial operation, implementing an air filtration system can bring about concerns regarding taking up what space you have to work with. If you opt for an overhead air filtration system, you get the same valuable functions without having to utilize your floor space. The units are mounted on the ceiling, out of the way, so they are not going to be an issue. 

Overhead air filtration systems do not cause issues with other equipment pieces

When you implement systems on the floor to filter the air in your facility, you always have to take into consideration how that equipment will interact with or affect the other equipment pieces in the vicinity. For example, placing a filtration unit near a steam generator could potentially affect the flow rate of released steam. With an overhead system, you can ensure that other equipment pieces will not be affected.