Choosing The Right Industrial Construction Methods
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Choosing The Right Industrial Construction Methods

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Choosing The Right Industrial Construction Methods

Three Industrial Uses For Propane Gas

Katie Rogers

Propane gas is frequently used as a household form of heating and fuel for stoves and grills. However, it is also an incredibly useful source of energy for a variety of industrial processes, including agricultural heating for livestock, fuel for warehouse machinery, and propylene production.

Agricultural Heating

Propane is used in the agricultural industry to heat the areas where animals are kept, as well as to dry crops after they've been harvested. Additionally, propane is used to power a variety of tools used on a farm, such as tractors, other harvest machinery, and irrigation pumps. Propane is stored as an extremely compact liquid that then becomes a gas as the propane container has its pressure released, allowing for a lot of fuel to be transported and stored at once. Additionally, it can be difficult to connect a rural farm, even those of industrial sizes, to a municipal electrical source without undue amounts of effort and costs.

Industrial Machinery Fuel

Another industrial use of propane gas is as fuel for the heavy machinery used within industrial facilities, beyond farms. For example, many warehouses use forklifts to transport materials within the building. These forklifts are frequently powered by propane or another gas, as attempting to run them on a battery may be too expensive or too difficult to use. Additionally, many industrial facilities that rely on welding use propane gas, due to its clean-burning properties. This allows the industrial facility at hand to better manage safety concerns, such as breathing issues, while still using an affordable source of energy.

Propylene Production

Finally, propane is used in industrial processes in order to make propylene, a substance that, along with polyethylene and butane, can be transformed into materials such as adhesives, detergents, and plastics. This use as a "feedstock" makes propane more valuable than what it otherwise would be as a fuel alone. The petrochemical industry uses and produces propylene in great amounts, as the usefulness of the material is only limited by the low amount that naturally occurs on Earth.

Propane gas is used extensively in both the consumer and the industrial world as a fuel and a way to heat specific areas, but it's also used industrially as a chemical feedstock to make other products used across multiple industries. If you are interested in using propane for your industrial facility, contact a propane gas supplier or service near you today. They can walk you through how propane can benefit your facility.