Choosing The Right Industrial Construction Methods
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Choosing The Right Industrial Construction Methods

When you are in a situation where you need to make something better, it can really pay off to understand industrial construction methods. Although it can be intimidating to know that there are a million different ways to accomplish the same kinds of things, the fact of the matter is that an understanding of construction and industrial methods can help. On this website, there are all kinds of interesting posts that discuss the ins and outs of manufacturing, since simple changes can make more stable, reliable repairs and projects. After all, creating change starts with you, and knowledge certainly is power.

Choosing The Right Industrial Construction Methods

5 Different Types of CNC Machines

Katie Rogers

A CNC machine is designed to use computer software to control the movements of a machine. A computer-controlled machine can make it much easier to produce various items in a faster amount of time. These machines are designed to reduce human error and reduce waste as well. There is a wide range of CNC machining so it is essential to know your options.

1. Milling Machine

A milling machine is used to cut different types of materials. A milling machine can perform various movements and functions, such as drilling, tapping, face milling, and turning. They generally have multiple axes to allow for multiple movements when cutting material. These machines tend to be larger in size and also tend to be expensive to purchase. They are great to have, though if you have specific material, you need to cut in a way that the machine can handle, as they are highly efficient machines.

2. Lathe Machine

Next is a lathe machine. This machine is designed to cut specific pieces as the piece is rotated inside the machine. A lathe machine makes extremely precise cuts using a range of tools.

They are more compact than a milling machine, with fewer axes. They are made to handle smaller pieces of material and work well with smaller product production needs.

3. Router

A CNC router is very small in comparison to other CNC machines. It is considered a handheld machine, although it is bigger than a hand. It is kind of like a mini-milling machine. You can route the path that tools take to cut materials. Routers work on a smaller range of materials than other machines. They work with things such as wood, steel, aluminum, plastic, and foam. They are great for working on smaller projects and are often used for making prototypes that a larger milling machine will later produce.

4. Plasma Cutter

A plasma cutter CNC machine uses a plasma torch to cut material. This type of machine is specifically designed to work on heavy metals that need to be cut into two-dimensional shapes. This type of machine gets really hot but can make highly effective cuts through metal.

5. Electric Discharge

An electric discharge machine, also known as EDM, used sparks to shape the material. An electrical discharge is used to cut through the material. This is a particular type of machine that is used for specific, precise work.

When it comes to CNC machines, the trait that defines all of them is that they are controlled by computer coding, and they perform some type of cutting. Different styles of CNC machines use different cutting methods and are made to work with different materials. When purchasing a CNC machine, the key is to know what type of material you are working with and how that product needs to be cut down to size so that you can find the right machine.