Choosing The Right Industrial Construction Methods
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Choosing The Right Industrial Construction Methods

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Choosing The Right Industrial Construction Methods

How Engineered Wood Products Can Improve Your Construction Project

Katie Rogers

Engineered wood products have been around for many years, but there are a growing number of products appearing on the market that are making a significant impact on standard construction practices. Some of these materials use recycled or scrap materials, while others use by-products that would otherwise go to waste. Wood product manufacturers have found ways to use the materials to create engineered wood products that are strong and use renewable resources. 

OSB Board

One of the most commonly used engineered wood products on the market is OSB or oriented strand board. The material comes in sheets and is made from many small strands of wood, assembled using a resin adhesive and extremely high pressure to create a sheet of material that is strong and durable. 

During the process, the stands that make up the OSB are aligned carefully to ensure that the sheet will stay together and not delaminate over time. While there are some low-cost OSB products on the market, commercial-grade products are stronger in many cases than a sheet of plywood of the same thickness. 

OSB is often available in different grades for different uses, so check with the vendor when buying an oriented strand board for your project. If you are using it on a roof or outside of the building, you need to get sealed material to protect it from weather. However, if you are using it for a subfloor, you may want to use a sanded OSB that is smooth on both faces. 

Engineered I-Joists

Other engineered wood products you may see in residential and commercial construction are wood I-joists. These joists are made from OSB and wood flanges and are stronger than a standard two-by-ten board, so using them in the floor and roof construction is on the rise. 

The I-joists are much lighter than standard lumber and can span a larger opening with no flex or sag. Because of this, builders are using them to create open spaces without the need for supporting walls. The I-joists are often made to order and can be installed quickly to create a floor or roof support system that is then covered in OSB or plywood. 

The cost of I-joints is comparable to standard lumber, so you may want to consider these joists in your building or home. It is essential to do some research before choosing any material. Talk to an expert at the lumber yard or home center about any engineered wood products that you are considering to ensure you get material that is going to perform well for you. To learn more, contact a company like Hillside Lumber.